At Enlarge Web Infotech, Social Media Marketing – SMM means more Engagement & Traffic!


When users hear about social media, usually the first things that pop in their heads are Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Just for the clarity, there are many other platforms out there and finding the right one to feel and stay connected with your customer’s base is the real key. This is where, our company’s Social Media Marketing specialization and experts comes into role.
Social Media Marketing is all about the connection, communication and progression together and along with your customers. If your business is not able to successfully engage with your audience on different social media platforms involving Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others, indeed not only you are losing a fantastic opportunity to generate revenue but also customer retention. Social media platforms are like the essence of your digital presence. At Enlarge Web Infotech, our SMM specialists knows how to burn the midnight oil and comprehend all about your website, app, SEO, PR, media and digital marketing, assuring to contribute well in the never ending two end interaction in between you and your users. Our SMM strategy is based upon 3 major components as mentioned in below:

  • Communication: Our experts will dig into your existing data and analytics and devise a measurable specific plan meant to be letting in long term social media success and results.
  • Promotion: The rich content is known to build trust and it could further help in making connections. Our experts will optimize your brand and its content on every social media platform where your brand has presence.
  • Brand Awareness: Our team will help in identifying and growing leads that could turn into potential ones through making your brand awareness using intellectual messaging and innovative storytelling or so.

Our SMO Services

At Enlarge Web Infotech, Our vast range of SMO solutions covers the following:

Virtual Marketing

Our experts will help in building online presence, getting more customers responses and driving traffic via virtual marketing and promotion.

Social media audit

We have a team of dedicated SEO professionals who used to do audit, analyze and increase brand awareness.

Social bookmarking

Our team do efficient and great bookmarking management, letting the clients do the changes in them if desired.

Community participation

It is rewarding in terms of ensuring relevant and desired engagement within all the communities at international scale.

Facebook Management

Our exclusive Facebook page service helps to attract more audience at a rapid pace.

Twitter Management

It is been done to get different Twitter users’ attention who are available over the platform.

LinkedIn Management

Our team will handle everything from creation of a LinkedIn profile to be managed by the experts, as per the branding strategy devised.

YouTube Management

Our team is responsible to create the specific YouTube channel and sharing the management tips that could assist in getting more followers.

Boost to the overall site conversion rate

It includes the video optimization technique that is usually implemented by the team of mobile experts aiming to improve and enhance the overall viewing experience.

Why to Choose Enlarge Web Infotech?

  • Raise brand awareness: In this digital era, most of the people are communicating and accessing social media platforms like You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and more. Our SMM experts will use these social networks to build your brand’s presence and will turn every stone upside down to increase its presence among targeted base.
  • Know your competitors: Our team will keep a track of all movements of your competitors through different social media channels, especially Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. It will really help in coming up with better services and gaining an edge over your competitors.
  • Customer Service: Our SMM team is not only available 24*7 through e-mail, chat or phone but also assures to strengthen the client satisfaction by simply responding to their concerns and inquiries at its earliest.
  • Interactive and Intuitive way of highlighting : Our specialists will make sure to let others know about your brand and its offerings in the fun and entertaining way so that more number of customers feel interested in knowing more of your brand.